I was born in Huelva in 1985. I used to play with my father’s old cameras during my childhood. I remember that I loved to use the tomavistas, but most of all I liked to use a Halina 110, which I used to look at the world through the viewfinder. My contact with photography started at that time. I carried out my studies on the image at the EFTI (International School of Film and Photography) in Madrid, where I understood that photography should be, as well as a tool for communication, a means of expression. The image as a response. The image as an act of responsibility to tell something. During my studies at EFTI, I took a course on Creativity and Techniques in Contemporary Photography, taught by Javier Vallhonrat, from which I learned that every creative act must involve, among many other things, personal growth and continuous learning. I learned not only to photograph but also to read the image and reflect on the photographic act.